LED Tube Lights replacement advantages

The use of LED's as an energy efficient lighting solution, also known as Solid State Lighting (SSL), offers great promise as the next generation of lighting for everyday environments. Unlike traditional sources that use vacuum or gas filled tubes, such as incandescent, fluorescent, and HID lighting, LED's produce light solely by the rapid movement of electrons through a semiconductor material. LED's generate light so efficiently that they are becoming an attractive alternative lighting source. Compared to traditional sources, LED's draw less power and produce a lower heat output. This results in a significant reduction for two of the largest energy consumers in our working and living environments: HVAC and lighting. LED's typically offer the additional advantage of having a longer service life than traditional sources. LED's are directly controlled by a "driver" which in turn is controlled by a control source. The LED driver regulates the current flowing through the LED during operation to produce the maximum output. It protects the LED from voltage and current fluctuations to prevent pre-mature failure. All of our LED lights emit low-heat which makes them ideal for interior spaces; and are highly-efficient, low-maintenance lights that won't be a drain on resources or the environment and are low-maintenance with long-life operation.